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NRA Basic Pistol Training

We offer children, adults, and senor citizens the knowledge needed to safely handle a firearm.  The NRA has put together this course to provide you with the knowledge needed to safely handle a pistol.  

Conceal Handgun License Training

We offer Texas DPS Conceal Handgun License Training.  The class is 4 - 6 hours long plus range time.  Contact us to schedule for a class.  Class schedules are available upon your availability.

Instructor Certifications

Patriot Defense Firearms Training and CHL was founded with the principles that every citizen has the right to bare firearms.  When the founder of Patriot Defense returned from SWA after training troops on in the war zone, he decided that exercising his right to carry was one of his priorities.  In the process of obtaining his Conceal Handgun License, he realized that he could use his military experience and offer civilians the knowledge required by the State of Texas to obtain their CHL.

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